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Kalamoir collects, holds and discloses certain personal information about its’ clients such as a client’s name, home address and personal contact information which allow us to communicate with and to provide our services to our clients.

We understand that privacy is important to our clients so we will safeguard your personal information and use it only when needed in the course of helping our clients develop and build their projects. We will remain accountable to our clients for the means by which we collect, use and disclose your personal information so that you will have confidence in your dealings with our company.


Personal Information
Personal information includes your name, address and contact information and may include information about your property and your financial information. Our team will only ask for such personal information, as they require providing you with the services you require.


Collection of Personal Information
To provide effective service to our clients we must collect certain personal information. Most of the personal information that we collect and hold is collected from our clients through contracts and other forms clients will complete in the course of a construction project transaction. Other information obtained may be obtained from government sources that collect and provide land title information and taxation information. In addition, information is shared in the course of discussions between clients and third party contractors as required.


Disclosure of Personal Information
Personal information that is disclosed or shared with other persons will be done so to facilitate the execution of your construction project, which falls into the normal phases of construction. 


Safeguarding Personal Information
Kalamoir protects the personal information it collects and holds by having security arrangements in place to prevent unauthorized access to or use of this information. We will not disclose or share personal information we collect and hold except that which is required to facilitate your real estate transactions. We may also use your personal information to contact you to confirm that you were pleased with our services or to find out how we may assist you with buying and selling real estate in the future. Once a client’s real estate transactions are completed personal information is retained only for as long as we are required by law to retain our files and records.


Access to Your Personal Information
Should a client wish to confirm at any time what personal information we have collected and are holding or have any inquiries regarding our privacy procedures they may contact us.

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